No One Knows Better Than You How Much the Healthcare Industry has Changed.

Today, your independent healthcare practice has the same needs as any other business. You need to grow. If you don’t, you risk being bought out or franchised because costs are continuously going up and reimbursements are continuously decreasing.

On top of organizational changes and the growth of big box hospital systems, today’s patients receive information in a new way. They are empowered to seek out the best practices, engaged in selecting their physicians, equipped with the information needed to understand their treatment options, and enabled to share their opinions and experiences to a widening audience. 

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Simply put: Connect with patients by becoming part of their conversations. Becoming a part of your patients’ conversations means sharing helpful, relevant content with them. It’s about drawing people in, and most of all, creating a practice that everyone loves. It’s time for you to join in and empower patients to make the right healthcare decisions for themselves.  So how do you actually do that?

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Success Story: How An Independent Practice Slayed a Big-Box Hospital

If you want to grow your independent healthcare practice, your marketing methods need to grow, too. To be a patient’s preferred provider, you must demonstrate your value by using a successful healthcare marketing strategy.

EpiphanyRx is a full-service healthcare marketing agency and consultancy located in Richmond, Virginia. We improve the growth of independent healthcare practices like yours by providing remarkable healthcare marketing content to your target audiences. We want to help your practice delight and engage your patient base, turning them into happy promoters of the practice they love.  

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“Epiphany Rx’s strategic thinking, strong account management, and innovative creativity are unmatched. This is what growth looks like.”
— Tom Gallo, Executive Director, Virginia Cancer Institute

Our clients include:

Commonwealth Pediatrics

Hematology Oncology Associates of Fredericksburg

Richmond Nephrology Associates

Virginia Cancer Institute